VRC Kama Sutra, or: kitten's guide to cuddles
by: nekonyan#9460 | category: intro

Inspiration: Kitten fairly regularly ERPs with strangers, and some of them are new to this thing, so kitten wrote up a few points for getting started, and some more advanced techniques she learned over her fair number of hours of ERPing 😋

VRChat ERP avatars - quick guide
by: nekonyan#9460 | category: VR

Don't have an avi? Wanna try out new vibe things? Building, and modifying your avatar is actually easy with unity; following this guide, you can build & upload a nice looking free avatar in less than an hour

Our Succubus Role
by: nekonyan#9460 | category: discord

Are you an experienced ERPer? Feeling particularly succubus? We have a mission, and a reward role for you 😊

Hard Domming in VR
anon | category: BDSM

Question: how do you assert your dominance over brattier subs in vr? I still haven't gotten to really erp in vr yet but I am experienced as a dom irl. Usually I will assert dominance over a brat physically such as a strong kiss or my dick in their mouth to shut them up, restraining their hands, striking them if they're into it. All things I don't really have the open for in vr. What are some other options I have when words won't cut it?

VR, Motion Sickness, and Phantom sense
by: nekonyan#9460 | category: VR

Phantom sense:

Headspace drop, and aftercare 🎀
by: phae#7777 | category: BDSM

During a regular day, your body releases happy chemicals from your brain at a normal rate, keeping you content and functioning. During a scene where you go deep into headspace, however, it can flood you with higher than usual amounts of them, and your body can only replace them at the normal rate. Your body then has to take time to rebuild your store of these chemicals, and if you’ve used up more of them than your body can reproduce, that’s when drop can kick in. This may be due to a withdrawal effect while…

Punishments and Funishments for Long Distance Kink
by: phae#7777 | Category: BDSM

The point of a dom punishing a sub, is not to damage them out of anger, but both to train them to follow their commands and for the enjoyment of both parties. Different kinds of punishments can be effective for different kinds of subs, dynamics, and offenses committed. You always need to clarify to your sub why they're being punished (see grey area punishments below for more info). 'Most effective on' notes are flexible and vary depending on the sub.

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