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Our Succubus Role

by: nekonyan#9460 | category: discord

Are you an experienced ERPer? Feeling particularly succubus? We have a mission, and a reward role for you 😊

The Fresh Souls page lists peeps who are new to erp, or have never ERPd before. Shape these peeps to your liking at their most formative experience with ERP by giving them a soft embrace only succubi can give πŸ’•

ERPing with any of these peeps earns you the special discord role "Succubus". 😊

Succubus rules:

  • Succubus roles are open to peeps with female avi only
  • Be kind (and lewd πŸ₯°) to each other, and be especially kind to peeps new to this! Kitten recommends talking, and vibing a bit before jumping into the action -ask them what they like, what gets them hot and bothered, and see if there's something special you can do 😊
  • You can manage expectations in your initial DM by linking them this page
  • The fresh soul must report having a positive experience with you -and it's the fresh soul's honest opinion that gets you the rewards
  • We'll come up with something special for repeat succubi πŸ’•

Fresh soul rules:

  • Be kind to our Succubi! They're showing you the ropes so you can get comfy with lewding, and they're showing you a good time.
  • Peeps ERPing with you under Succubus Rules does not imply permission to hit on them later on discord, have repeated benefit, or being into you long-term, unless stated otherwise by the succubus. This is a one-time benefit for you to learn, and enjoy πŸ’•
  • You can award the Succubus role by going to their profile -> Compliments -> Succubus , then click the Compliment button to save
  • If enjoyed, move your ERP experience one level up ("never ERPd before" -> "new to ERP" -> "Rarely ERP" )
  • Enjoy! πŸ₯°

Have lotsa fun πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


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