Community rules

  • You must be over 18 to participate on this server
  • If you're new to ERPing, read our guide here
  • No underage nudity of any kind
  • No IRL selfies, or IRL pics of any kind on the site
  • No paid-for ERP services, this is a bannable offense
  • No drama, or venting, only good vibes
  • Be kind, and lewd💕 to each other!

  • In-VR ERP rules

    Unless you've agreed with your partner otherwise, default rules for in-VR ERP are:

  • Always make sure your partner is safe, comfortable, and happy, and everything is consensual.
  • Do not create drama. If a situation has drama-potential, do not pull peeps from into it
  • Have your attention focus on your partner, and the act. Discording while your partner is riding on top of you is super impolite.
  • No photography without consent
  • Please be kind, attentive, and lewd to each other! 💕

  • You can report violations on the site, directly on the person's profile, or by DMing any admin on discord.
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